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Streetwear – Vintage-Second Hand

We call it "The Mothership" because it was the first store. It´s packed with sneakers, T-shirts, Jeans and pretty much everything else that one can wear. Because the shop is only roughly organised, it´s probably best to come with a little time and dig through the stuff. The walls and shelves are filled with toy robots, boomboxes and Star Wars Collectibles – all the stuff I wanted so desperately when I was a little kid in East Berlin and now it´s all mine!

We also stock: sneakers by Adidas, Nike, Puma, Converse, Reebok, New Balance ... used denim by Levis, Nudie, Lee, Wrangler, Cheap Monday ... shirts and jackets by Fred Perry, Stüssy, Carhartt, Irie Daily and many many other brands. Vintage leather jackets, dresses and plenty of shoes.

monday – saturday
12 to 8 pm
Oderbergerstrasse 47
10435 Berlin




Cheap Monday – Vintage-Second Hand

A lot has changed on Torstrasse since we opened our little store in 2008. The street formerly known as Wilhelm-Pieck-Strasse seemed to be the one forgotten boulevard of Mitte. Loud, harsh and dirty. Now there are loads of new stores and restaurants for a hip urban crowd, rents are moving up fast and during fashion week it turns into a catwalk... Luckily the street still retains it's rough charm and is fun to visit.

This store stocks:
Cheap Monday, Clarks Desert Boots, Vintage Dr. Martens, Rock-T´s, jewelry, sunglasses, belts, Vintage bags and jackets and and and ...



Vintage-Second Hand

Formerly a pharmacy built in the 40's, abandonded since the late 90´s the space is great. It was a lot of fun to build it and I think we did a good job. Like any new baby it needed a name and like all the other shops I opened so far, it was so supposed to be one of my favotite records. My friend Renko suggested „Repeater“ that great record by Fugazi and I think it´s the perfect fit.

Not only do I love the music, but everything about that band, their label and their attitude. DIY in it´s best sense, do what you love, act locally, but be open and inviting to the outside world, hire your friends, treat them fairly and with respect and do the best job you can do by your own standards. That was appealing to me in the 90´s and to this day I believe that this is the best way to live your life. You may not get rich or famous, but it can be really rewarding and succesful in it´s own little way.

This store stocks: a vast handpicked selection of Vintage -Shoes / Denim / Bags / Accessoires / Skirts / Knitwear / Shirts / Dresses / Blouses / Jackets / Coats ...



Archive for Stylists – Vintage-Second Hand

Over the years the store became a source for many stylists, who rent and buy our clothing for photo shoots, movies and theater plays. To make life a little easier for them, we now have an archive just two doors down the street from Pauls at Oderberger Stasse. It stocks a big and carefully selected collection of vintage band shirts, Redwing Boots, denim, sunglasses, dresses, leather jackets and belts among many other things. This stuff is only for rent and not for sale. It is for professional use only!

monday – saturday
12 to 8 pm
Oderbergerstrasse 47
10119 Berlin


Opening Pauls Boutique in 2000 was an experiment ...
... and it happened mostly for a lack of any other ideas from my side

Like most of my friends I spent the 90´s in Berlin not really doing anything. I studied a bit, never really finished my courses and tried to avoid a 'proper job'. We were all just playing in bands, going out, you know the deal ... Quite a nightmare for our parents! Life was fun and cheap, so why bother? As we all started to aproach 30, we realized that life has gotten a lot more expensive and none of us had a plan on how to make enough money for a decent living. After a decade of being broke it wasn´t that much fun anymore. I didn´t have the financial resources to open a record store, which would´ve been my first choice, but I always liked hunting for Vintage Clothing and Sneakers so that´s how it all started. It was named Pauls Boutique, just like the Beastie Boys album. I thought that the weird mix of samples and genres made a very good record and somehow I imagined my store the same way. Strangely, only few other people made this connection and instead everyone started to call me Paul! It´s a good name I have to say though, so I don't mind – they still call me Paul to this day!

Basically the whole idea was not having a boss, hanging out with your friends, digging through cool clothing, listening to great music all day long, not getting up too early and being able to have enough time for the things and people you love without a constant struggle to pay the bills. I have to admit that i didn´t expect it to be so much hard work, but at the end of the day it´s still totallly worth it. As I had no retail experience before, it took a couple of years to establish a healthy business. I knew nothing about accounting, taxes and all that, but you live, you learn I guess.

Our shops are like our 'children'. They are individul and independent, we love them ,we ´re proud of them and we try to take good care of them. It all seems bigger than it actually is, but it feeds me and my friends, so we keep doing things our own way. That´s all I ever wanted it to be and it's not so bad at all. I really have to thank my family and friends for helping me to make all this happen and the many people who keep on shopping and hanging out at Pauls.

That´s all I ever wanted it to be
and it's not too bad at all.


Are the robots for sale?

Sorry kids. All the toys and Boomboxes are part of the interior and not for sale.

Can I bring in my old clothes?

No, unfortunately you cannot. Just by looking at the racks you'll realize that we're always operating at the capacity limit of our little stores.
Please don't swing by unannounced with bags full of clothes.

Do I get a discount?

We like to think that our prices are reasonable. The price on the tag is what we want for the item, like any other store. If you buy a lot and ask our staff nicely, you might get a little discount, same with stuff that has major damages.
If you love to bargain, we suggest you'll try the flea markets.

Is everything at the store used?

For the most part yes, but we also sell leftover stock and sample collections, so a lot of items are never worn.

Can I exchange purchases or get a refund?

No, the stuff is either used or heavily reduced and therefore not exchangable. Please check every item carefully before you buy it.
The only exception are the new Cheap Monday Collections.

Is there any system for brands or sizes in your sneaker department?

No, unfortunately there isn't. We tried that, but after just one day it was all total chaos again. You really need time and patience to dig through the racks and eventually you'll get lucky and find your dream pair.

Do you take orders and are you shipping?

No, we don't.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do accept all major international credit and maestro cards.

Do you want to advertise the store in our magazine/blog/app....?

Nope, sorry.
We do what we do for quite a long time and never paid anyone to get attention from the outside world. We believe that the store makes some kind of sense and hope that people get it for what it is.
Some folks liked it, told their friends, so it grew constantly over the years slowly and organically. We don´t want to shove the store down anyone’s throat. If it´s not your cup of tea, that´s alright also. Please don´t get us wrong, we do need and appreciate your heartfelt support, we just don’t want it to be a business transaction.

Do you hire?

That´s a tricky question. Of course, occasionally we need new staff, but so far we´ve managed to find staff though our friends (or people connected to our circle of friends). That makes our life easier on many levels. It´s important to us that we respect, trust and help each other while we are at work. Sometimes it´s a stressful job and it´s good to know that you can totally rely on your collegues and that you like spending time with them. So I guess we have to get know you first, before we consider working together. Please don´t send us your CV, we don’t reply to them.



Pauls Boutique/Berlin
Frank Radermacher

Oderberger Strasse 47
10435 Berlin

+49(0) 03 44 03 37 37
mail to: mothership


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